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Etihad Pilot Delays Flight to Help Couple See Dying Grandson

An Etihad Airways pilot is receiving praise after he aborted a recent flight from Abu Dhabi to Australia to allow a couple onboard to make it to the bedside of their dying grandson. When the couple alerted the flight crew that they were just told their grandson had been taken to intensive care, the pilot was notified. He then turned the flight around on the runway and allowed the pair to deplane.

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[Photo: Etihad Airways]

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UncleDude: know what? Bags of all the people not cleared to fly on standbys are flying without them. No problem if these are scanned like all other cargo. If they´re not, doesn´t matter if it flies with or without the owner anyway....

Cymbo April 11, 2016

Commendable and heartwarming.

UncleDude April 9, 2016

Meanwhile the aircraft then continued its journey from a Middle East Country with the couples Bags on Board. Or if it was then delayed even further whilst the couples bags were located and offloaded what about people on board who may have missed getting to see their dying family member in Australia. Its pointless having all the additional security if a Pilot changes these very important procedures. Sound like fiction. Wait until the Russian Plane crash in Sinai report is published.

HMO April 8, 2016

Nice call from the pilot, but I just want to know in what class these pax were flying...