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Etihad Drops Five Boeing 777-200LRs Amid Fleet Renewal

In the wake of Etihad Airways’ decision in 2017 to cease a number of routes to the United States, the carrier plans to phase out five Boeing 777-200LR jets from its fleet, according to a spokesperson. It has not been confirmed what Etihad plans to do with the 777-200LRs, but it is possible that the carrier may simply sell the extraneous jets.

To read more on this story, go to Gulf News.

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edgewood49 February 8, 2018

Now there's another outstanding buyer of Boeing NOT

5202flyer February 7, 2018

Maybe UA will pick these up, depending on whether they are any newer than UA's existing 777-200's.

edgewood49 February 6, 2018

Yoshi212 TI think it's a safe bet DL won't buy from Boeing remember DL's CEO branded Boeing as arms dealers to the Mideast. Just like his former boss who by the by is having a hard time as Amtrak's CEO I am waiting for him to come out and blame the ME3 for his train problems

Janus777 February 6, 2018

Ryan Boyd must have received his journalism training from Yahoo News... so many worthless click through postings...what a hack.... I should just avoid clicking anything with his name on it... I even tried to find his contact info so I wouldn't have to post this here but guess what? He is a ghost...(and like a ghost he lacks substance)..

anirudh666 February 6, 2018

Even Air India is giving competition to Etihad. Air India's DEL-SFO service is now daily, with a seasonal BOM-SFO service planned for the summer. All this while Etihad is cutting service to SFO