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Erin Andrews Sues Marriott For $75m Over “Peeping Tom” Incident

“Dancing With the Stars” host and FOX Sports reporter Erin Andrews recently filed an amendment to her 2011 lawsuit against Marriott regarding a man who secretly recorded her changing in her hotel room. Andrews now wants $75 million in damages, claiming the hotel’s employees were negligent for obliging the offender, Michael Barrett, when he asked to stay in the room next to hers.

Reports claim the case is set for a trial some time in 2016.

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wbl-mn-flyer October 21, 2015

$75 million in damages? Would be very nice to see how that breaks down exactly. Nobody wants this sort of thing done, of course, but let's be reasonable. How exactly was there 75 million of harm done ? Criminal charges (assuming there's some crime here, I'm not up on the laws and jurisdictions involved) seem reasonable. Civil charges against that person and perhaps the front desk staff too. Some sort of minor civil suit against the property itself, maybe - but not all of Marriott. It's not as if they had some employee training and formal policy to allow and encourage this sort of thing.

cestmoi123 October 19, 2015

Both links are to the TMZ story.