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Check Out Emirates New Amenity Kits

Emirates recently unveiled new amenity kits for first and business class passengers. The airline collaborated with Bulgari to introduce 16 variants of the kit – eight Emirates Private Collection to first passengers and eight Emirates Indulgence for business travelers.


New products include Axe deodorant in the men’s first class kit and Bulgari nourishing face emulsion in the women’s, as well as foldable hairbrushes and Bulgari spray in the business class kits.


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djjaguar64 October 19, 2015

A classy move by the airline, now what do N. American airlines give to its premium cabin passengers?

AAJetMan October 18, 2015

can you open one up and show us? A Part II article?

thesaints October 16, 2015

"Include Axe deodorant" ? Seriously ?