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Emirates to Expand Fleet, Network in 2016

As Emirates looks toward Asian expansion, the Dubai-based carrier is preparing to increase its fleet to meet the demands of its growing market.

This fiscal year may not be over just yet, but Emirates is already looking to the new financial calendar as it makes plans to expand its fleet in-line with burgeoning operations in Asia.

While the world’s largest long-haul carrier already serves approximately 150 destinations around the globe, it is planning on extending its network this year, adding routes to two as yet unnamed Chinese cities as well as to the Philippine city of Cebu.

In April, the airline will also begin to expand its fleet, a process that will see it acquire 37 new aircraft before the end of March 2017. Emirates Chief Commercial Officer Thierry Antinori confirmed earlier this week that the carrier would receive 21 Airbus A380s plus 16 Boeing 777s before the end of the next financial year. At list prices, these aircraft are worth $14.5 billion.

He confirmed Emirates’ intentions, commenting to Bloomberg Business that, “We will continue to grow. We will continue to invest, innovate, have a younger fleet.”

To this end, Antinori added that the airline will also be retiring over two dozen aircraft from its fleet, including a number of A330s and A340s. The Dubai-based carrier says that it is also considering orders for a number of other aircraft, including Boeing 787-9 and -10 variants as well as Airbus A350-900 and -1000 models.

The overall goal, Antinori explained, is to create new markets. In addition to its planned expansion in Asia, as of February 2016, Emirates is also launching a direct service to Panama. This will see the carrier operate the world’s longest non-stop commercial flight, overtaking Qantas’ ultra long-haul service from Dallas to Sydney.

[Photo: Emirates]

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Sydneyberlin February 22, 2016

I really like flying EK and have done so for many years now. While the A380s are fabulous in both J and F, the one thing this airline really needs is an upgrade to its Business hard product on the 777s. These tilted slope not really 'Flat' beds' are really not state of the art anymore which is the number one complaint I have with Emirates!

UncleDude January 29, 2016

Good Bye MH Long Haul

djjaguar64 January 28, 2016

SQ, CX, ANA & TG look out and be prepared.