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Emirates to Celebrate “Year of Tolerance”

November 29th will mark a historic flight for Emirates.

The airline plans to host as many different nationalities as possible on a diversity flight around the UAE on one of its A380 aircraft. The aircraft used will be decorated with a special “Year of Tolerance” livery that shows a diverse group of people holding hands across the fuselage. The passengers will be comprised of citizens and residents of the UAE as this one of a kind flight aims to celebrate the country’s cultural diversity.

Emirates says on its website, “Aviation brings the world together, and as a global airline operating across 6 continents, Emirates brings people together, and enables cultural exchange and understanding through travel, mobility and its long-standing support of sports and the arts.”

The airline prides itself on having a very diverse workforce, network, and customer base. Emirates employees represent over 160 countries and the airlines serves 161 destinations across 85 countries, such as New Zealand, the United States, Chile, South Africa, England, and Cambodia.

Furthermore, the airline boasts its customer diversity on its website, stating, “On average, Emirates carries more than 50 nationalities any given flight across its network and through its home and hub of Dubai.”

Do you plan to enter for a chance to ride on this historic flight? Let us know in the forums!

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skidooman December 2, 2019

Here is the Emirati version of tolerance: we invite you to work for us in OUR country but you will NEVER be able to settle in. And we will not intermix with you. In other words, you are tolerated in our country only as far as you are useful to us. What? Isn't what "tolerance" is supposed to mean? No?

OUTraveling December 2, 2019

Funny. The plane livery does not include a gay couple.

oktoberfest November 30, 2019

Tolerance? Unless you're gay.

thebigben November 29, 2019

Would be a bit of a better show of tolerance if they stopped killing gay people don’t you think?

steviebaby November 29, 2019

Bull***t as usual from these people. I wonder how many Qataris there will be on this flight? I bet ZERO Or Iranians? Maybe, but only if brought up in UAE Or Houthi Yemeni's? I bet ZERO Their tolerance is a very specific one! And has many criteria