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Emirates Is Chopping Up Economy Into Special, Saver and Flex

Get ready for even more segmentation in the airline industry when it comes to cabin arrangements. Emirates is chopping up its economy section into four parts. Here are the new sections:

  • Economy Special

  • Economy Saver

  • Economy Flex

  • Economy Flex Plus

The big thing for Emirates customers to take away from the announcement is that there will be some changes when it comes to baggage allowances. Baggage allowances will be dropping by 5 kilograms for passengers in Economy Special and Economy Saver seats. Economy Special passengers will now have a baggage allowance of 15 kilograms. Economy Saver passengers will have a baggage allowance of 25 kilograms. The changes are effective for all bookings made on or after Feb. 4 of this year.

New designations will apply on all routes with the exception of routes headed to destinations in the Americas. In addition, the new tiers won’t be in place for passengers traveling from destinations in Africa. You will not face any changes if you booked your ticket before the Feb. 4 start date even if your actual travel date is on Feb. 4 or later.

Are you wondering what each tier offered to economy travelers from Emirates includes? You’ll want to brush up if you routinely fly using cheap tickets from Emirates. Here’s a breakdown of what each tier offers:

  • Economy Special is the lowest tier. These promotional fares are guaranteed to be the cheapest available from Emirates. However, you’ll be forced to give up flexibility. You cannot make changes or cancel your ticket once it’s been booked. Reserving a seat in advance can be done with a fee. This ticket tier comes with a baggage allowance of 15 kilograms and a carry-on allowance of 7 kilograms. Emirates Skywards members will earn miles at a rate of around 25 percent.

  • Economy Saver comes with a 25-kilogram baggage allowance and the standard carry-on allowance of 7 kilograms. You are able to request a change or refund after booking this tier. However, you’ll need to pay a fee if you want advance seat selection. You can expect to earn about 35 percent of the miles you fly in bonus miles with this tier. Economy Saver offers the best year-round value compared to other tiers.

  • Economy Flex will never provide the cheapest way to fly. However, this option is decent if you’re interested in balancing a low price with more flexibility. This tier comes with a 39-kilogram baggage allowance and the standard carry-on allowance. What’s more, you can reserve your seat in advance without paying extra. Change and cancellation fees do apply. Economy Flex fares earn around 60 percent of the amount of miles you fly.

  • Economy Flex Plus is the premium version of economy flying for Emirates. This tier allows you to make changes and cancellations without penalties. Travelers get a baggage allowance of 35 kilograms and the standard carry-on allowance. You can check as many pieces as you want as long as you stay under the weight limit. Economy Flex allows you to earn miles for 100 percent of the miles you fly.

[Image: Wikimedia/NahidSultan]

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MrGood February 9, 2019

First, Emirates unveils it's new Business Class seats with the horrible 2-3-2 configuration, and now they're twisting the arms of the Economy passengers? I guess that's what happens when their government sees how expensive their over-sized planes have been! Should've bought smaller planes, but nope, they HAD to show off oil-money-fueled wealth! SMH

Ryanardo_daVinci February 9, 2019

Emirates has had Special/Saver/Flex and Flex plus for years. Alls they are doing is changing the baggage allowances. This isn’t news.