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Emirates Celebrates a Decade of A380 Operations

A recent video from Emirates celebrates the longevity and reliability of its Airbus A380 service, which has operated for the last ten years and covered over 1.5 billion kilometers throughout the decade.

“It’s been 10 extraordinary years since the first Emirates A380 flight took to the skies, and today it has become one of the most recognisable and admired aircraft in the world. Passengers love to fly it because of its spaciousness which provides more comfort across all classes, and its iconic products like the OnBoard Lounge, Shower Spa and First Class suites have redefined air travel. We remain committed to providing the best experience for our customers aboard our flagship aircraft, and introducing new innovations that will continue to ‘wow’ them every time they fly with us,” said Emirates president Tim Clark.


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kkua August 9, 2018

Disembarking off an A380 is a mess and awkwardly SLOW. Then, by the time you get off the plane, you realize you’re at the back of the immigration queue that will snake another hour or so before you enter the country.

ioto1902 August 7, 2018

A380 is a great plane ahead of its time. Airbus must continue it.

edgewood49 August 4, 2018

I can attest to that having enjoyed six trips in FC and now waiting to try the new suites on the 777