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El Al to Introduce Basic Economy for Europe Flights

Effective April 30, El Al will begin offering Basic Economy seating options for passengers aboard flights to Europe under its new Lite branding for fares. Flyers using the new super-cheap seating option will not be eligible for El Al’s usual free checked bag for flyers in coach, although they will be able to get 50% off a second checked bag.

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AlwaysFlyStar January 20, 2018

No offence, but seriously the quality on these articles is just poor. The cited source states that El Al Fly cardholders will get 50% off the second checked bag. Unless I have misunderstood this, or you are getting this from an unmentioned source, it seems inaccurate to imply, as you have, that all flyers on a 'Lite' fare will be eligible for 50% off second bags. From the source you have mentioned, 'While El Al currently gives a free checked bag on all coach tickets (2 bags for elites), no members will get a free checked bag on a Lite fare to Europe. Additionally, El Al Fly cardholders won’t get 50% off their first checked bag on Lite fares, though they can get 50% off a 2nd checked bag.'