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EasyJet’s New Chief Exec Takes Voluntary Pay Cut

Johan Lundgren, the new Chief Executive of easyJet, has elected to go from an annual £740,000 salary down to £706,000, the final salary of former Chief Executive Carolyn McCall before she left for a job at ITV.

“At easyJet we are absolutely committed to giving equal pay and equal opportunity for women and men. I want that to apply to everybody at easyJet and to show my personal commitment I have asked the board to reduce my pay to match that of Carolyn’s when she was at easyJet,” said Lundgren.

To read more on this story, go to The Guardian.

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jonathanbak February 4, 2018

So gender is how we decide pay now? Just because a man or woman may make more then their predecessor does not mean the decision was sexist. Salaries change all the time, and I'd hardly say 34,000 pounds is that much of a difference.