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Easy Ways to Stress Less While Travelling

To call flying an ordeal would be the understatement of the century. Somewhere between all the packing, traffic, and security checkpoints, you might’ve noticed that your blood pressure develops a funny habit of rising to unhealthy levels. And when you consider the added anxiety of leaving your home vacant, travelling can become a serious stressor in your life.

Unfortunately, there aren’t easy solutions to everything—but thanks to smart home security systems like SAGE, the good news is you can make your home one less thing to worry about. Here are just a few awesomely easy ways SAGE can give you peace of mind when you’re on the go:

Remember to lock your doors. Or don’t.

Did you know the front door is the most common entry point for burglars? Well now you do. Hence the importance making extra sure it’s secure before that big business trip. Or don’t even bother. SAGE let’s you check and control your locks from your phone—from anywhere. Can you hear that? It’s the sweet silence of you not wondering if you left your door unlocked.

Bring your home with you.

Whether for business or pleasure, leaving your home shouldn’t leave you in the dark. And with an app that lets you control your lights, appliances, cameras and sensors, SAGE makes checking in on your home as easy as checking in on your social feed—minus the annoying political status updates.

Contact authorities closest to your house. Not your hotel.

If an emergency happens in your home, you’ll need the fastest response time you can get (a tricky proposition when you’re waiting at baggage claim halfway across the country). Not only does SAGE alert you if something’s wrong in your home, it lets you contact the authorities in your city—not the one you’re vacationing in—in case of an emergency.

Don’t get robbed protecting yourself from robbery.

With steep pricing plans, home security systems tend to be better at stealing your money than the people they protect you from. But with no required monthly payments and startup costs as low as $199, protecting your home from afar can cost less than the price of getting there in the first place.

With seamless control over your home from your TV or smartphone, SAGE makes it simple to monitor and protect your house while you’re away. Experience it for yourself. Find a SAGE kit that’s right for you on our website, and get the peace of mind you deserve. Because easy is awesome.