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DYKWIA-Asking Passenger Threatens to Sue, Claims to Have 176 IQ: This Week’s Worst Flyers

Every Friday, FlyerTalk looks back at the week’s most charming individuals. While there are always plenty of contenders for our Worst Passenger of the Week award, only one lucky flyer can take home the glory. Here are this week’s winners.

Third Place – It’s Only Drug Paraphernalia Disguised to Look Like an Explosive, Dude

There is probably a good reason to disguise a handheld device used to grind marijuana. This is the sort of paraphernalia that is still considered contraband in many jurisdictions. Interestingly, Bellingham International Airport (BLI), where Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screeners spotted a uniquely camouflaged pot grinder, is in Washington State, one of the few places in the U.S. where recreational cannabis use is legal.

The fact that the novelty marijuana grinder found in a passenger’s checked luggage was designed to look exactly like a grenade, however, created a whole different set of problems at the TSA checkpoint. The troubling discovery of the replica of an explosive military weapon caused airport officials to evacuate parts of the terminal, delay at least four flights and dispatch the bomb squad. The travel plans of hundreds of passengers were interrupted while investigators worked.

Once officials identified the owner of the oddly designed tool, bomb technicians were eventually able to confirm that the device was not in fact a dangerous hand-grenade but a harmless pot grinder. The phony grenade was confiscated by the TSA, and the weed aficionado responsible for grinding airport operations to a halt was allowed to board his flight and continue on to his destination.

The Runner-up – The Irate Mom Who Can’t Even

After enduring a weather delay of more than 12 hours, very few passengers can be said to be at their camera-ready best, but the mom caught on video at LaGuardia Airport (LGA) managed an epic performance nonetheless. Foul language and shouting aside, the outraged passenger seemed to be making some valid points about American Airlines’ lack of transparency in communicating with the delayed passengers. The travelers gathered at the kiosk were hoping to get any information about their flight to Miami International Airport (MIA) which was delayed for hours because their outbound plane never arrived after being forced to divert to Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) due to high winds at LGA.

By the time the video (which has been watched over a half-million times on social media) begins, the overwrought mom is already shouting at gate agents who have just explained that the plane is stuck at PHL due to the severe weather. “I could have driven there in the four hours I have been waiting here,” the outraged flyer correctly asserts, pounding her hand on the desk for emphasis. “If there’s no flight just say there’s no flight. Say there’s no flight.”

Far from being the only disgruntled passenger, the irate mom attempts desperately to gain the upper hand. “I’m getting everyone’s name here because you’re all in sh*t,” she threatens before espousing some optimistic thoughts on proper compensation for the weather delay. “Don’t give me this bullsh*t. You’re all going to pay for my Disney cruise and you’re going to pay for everything else here.”

The outraged flyer goes on to hint that the thought of missing out on a long anticipated trip with daughters has pushed her to the very edge. Unfortunately, the two girls who make brief cameos in the video seem much more concerned about their mother’s unfolding tantrum than the thought of missing breakfast with a Disney princess.

The Winner – The Self-Proclaimed Genius With a $4 million-a-Year Salary and Six Homes

The worst passenger of the week was very much aware that his outrageous behavior on a JetBlue flight preparing to depart from Long Beach Airport (LGB) to Sacramento International Airport (SMF) was being filmed by fellow passengers. We know this because early in the 11-minute video, he threatens the amateur cell phone cameraperson, “I didn’t sign a release on that. I will be suing you for that.”

So when the apparently intoxicated flyer begins pacing the aisle and bickering with nearly everyone on the flight, it’s clear that he thinks that he will win the day by captivating the cabin with his charm. Unfortunately for him, that isn’t quite how the scene plays out on video. The slurring passenger tries to convince his adversaries on the plane that they are outmatched, announcing to a fellow passenger, “I have a 176 IQ.”

The haughty debate quickly moves to “Eat sh*t and die; I wasn’t f*cking talking to you,” and “Do you know who I am?” The flyer explains to all that in addition to his enviable intelligence quotient, he also earns $4 million per year and is the proud owner of no less than six homes.

Surprisingly, the well-paid, multi-home owning genius loses the crowd early on in the video, prompting a growing chorus of voices to call for him to please sit down and shut up. More importantly, the crew of the flight also proves immune to the well-heeled intellectual’s charms and the plane soon returns to the gate where he is escorted off the flight by police.

[Screengrab via Rants of a Sassy Stew]

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TheLifeOfA_NKCM April 17, 2016

Really, you make $4M/year? I see you're in coach -on a low cost carrier. Explain.

AAJetMan April 16, 2016

THe whacko woman in #2 is an absolute bully. Teaching her young daughter how to assail uniformed employees who are unable to respond in kind. This type of assault is so demeaning for the bully.

celsius1939 April 15, 2016

It is true that AA does not keep it's customers informed, and it is frustrating. They just do not care.