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Drunk Pilot Taken off Flight at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport

On Monday, an airline pilot was removed from a flight at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) prior to takeoff after it was discovered that his blood alcohol content was significantly above the limit for cabin crew. The unnamed 39-year-old pilot had his license taken away, and was flown back to his unidentified home country on Tuesday.

Pilots are forbidden to imbibe alcohol within ten hours of their scheduled flights.

To read more on this story, go to NLTimes.

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Travel & Leisure April 12, 2018

This wasn't the full story, nor was the full story at NLTimes. Name, age and Delta Airlines were all posted on other articles. I thought I was reading the FT emailed to me, but it must have been censored.

Azureas April 12, 2018

he had 0.9 per mille alcohol = 3 glass of wine for 80kg man