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Drunk Passenger Causes UA to Make Emergency Landing

The 26-year-old passenger reportedly had eight shots of rum and caused a disturbance during the flight from Cincinnati to Houston.

A United Airlines flight did not end well for one of the passengers. CBS News reports that an intoxicated passenger caused the flight to do an emergency landing in Nashville Tennessee after a disturbance.

The passenger, a 26-year-old Texas Southern University student named Mohammed Nasser Aldoseri, told the Nashville Metro Police that he had eight lemon drop shooters before boarding Monday’s flight from Cincinnati to Houston. During the flight, Aldoseri reportedly broke down an out-of-service lavatory and threw up in a sink. Then he proceeded to “to speak in Arabic very loudly,” the police report stated.

An affidavit from the police says that the passenger was found unconscious in his seat when the plane landed. When the officers took him into custody, he had slurred speech, red, glassy eyes and was unsteady on his feet. There was no evidence that he had any kind of weapon.

He was charged with with disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

[Photo: United Airlines]

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