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Dosh Offers Flyers Cash Back on Hotel Bookings

Flyers looking to save money this summer may want to consider using cash-back portal Dosh for their savings. Launching on Monday, July 8, 2019, the card-linked platform is offering cash back on hotel bookings, with some rebates as large as 50% of the room rate.

Budget-minded flyers who are looking for cheap hotel space this summer may want to consider skipping traditional online travel agencies for a card-linked offer platform on their smartphone instead. Starting July 8, 2019, card-linked platform Dosh is offering cash-back on hotel stays when booked through their app.

“OTA companies have been using the generous commissions they make off of consumers’ bookings to pump money into advertising – to their benefit and not their customers’,” Ryan Wuerch, Dosh Founder and CEO, said in a press release. “We are turning that model on its head by directly rewarding consumers with cash.”

Among the deals highlighted by the launch are an average of $39.16 cash back per night at the Farfield Inn Las Vegas Convention Center, and an average of $44.96 cash back per night at Marriott’s Cypress Harbour Villas in Orlando, Florida. The app also works for international travel as well: in Rome, some travelers are getting an average of $67.99 on cash bookings, while in Edmonton flyers can find average hotel rebates around $32.77 per night.

The move comes as more leisure travelers say they would rather have cash back instead of points for their travels. According to their survey, Dosh claims 83% of people polled claim they prefer cash back over hotel points and rewards programs.

On the downside, booking through Dosh may not be the best option for those who hold status at hotels and wish to earn points for their stay. Booking through an online travel agency or card-linked offer platforms can negate points earnings, and travelers’ status may not be recognized for bonuses like amenities, late checkout, or free wi-fi internet access.

For travelers who prefer cash back and do most of their shopping with cash-back credit cards, the Dosh app offer could provide a new alternative to earn rewards with summer and fall travel bookings. For more information on the hotel bookings, visit http://travel.dosh.cash.


[Featured Image: Dosh]

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tangey July 9, 2019

"not available in your region", looks like it's limited to USA, which would be nice to know in the article given flyertalk has a worldwide makeup.