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Dog on Delta Goes Viral

A pup who flew on a Delta Air Lines flight to Chattanooga, Tennessee, Tuesday has become an Internet celebrity thanks a fellow passenger who took to Twitter with a photo of the dog.

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[Photo: Twitter/Nick Weathers]

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Gongzuokuang February 5, 2016

Any thought of the comfort of the other passengers that need to sit near that animal? How about the guy in the hat that probably got a few snouts in the back of the head. :-( Of course, dog lovers think it's cute.

Lakeviewsteve January 29, 2016

That is a lovely dog. I'm glad it got to fly. Thank you Delta agent for allowing it.

Litning77 January 28, 2016

doesnt look like the dog is in the exit row... just one row up... also, snitches get stitches!