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Do You Shop Delta’s Monthly Garage Sale?

Did you know that every month, Delta Air Lines has what’s essentially a garage sale? The monthly sale is stocked with parts from decommissioned airplanes, amenity kits, kitchen supplies and a ton of other Delta items that you can purchase. However, you might have to fight other Delta employees for them.

If you’re heading to Atlanta any time soon, be sure to plan around the second Friday of the month. That’s when you can score a bunch of Delta Air Lines swag at the company’s monthly sale of decommissioned items. And we’re not talking promotional products or old uniforms. You can buy an entire lavatory, silverware, dishes, slippers, menus, and even a pressurized door. It all just depends on what’s on sale that day.

You might have some stiff competition for the sales, though. There’s a lot of repeat customers from around the airport in Atlanta, and a bulk of them are Delta employees themselves, some of whom have massive collections of decommissioned property. Flight attendant Perry De Vlugt is based in Salt Lake City, but makes sure he attends as many sales as possible to fill out his collection, which is so large it’s been featured in local papers.

“There are times where I wish I lived in Atlanta to take better advantage of the sales,” De Vlugt told The New York Times. “But then I’d probably have a whole aircraft in my house.”

He set aside 1,000 square feet for his collection, and that space is already packed full—so full that he has no idea how many pieces of Delta swag he owns.


[Image: Wikimedia]

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