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Did Westjet Introduce a Drink Robot?

RALFH, or Robotic Automated Light Food Handler, has become an online hit for Westjet after a video posted to Westjet’s blog gained nearly 110,000 hits. RALFH is purported to save space in cramped cabins by traveling on an overhead track, allowing flight attendants more room to do their work and increasing passenger legroom. “By using RALFH to order and distribute food and beverages, we have eliminated the need for our flight attendants to push a heavy cart up and down the aisle,” said Richard Bartrem, Westjet’s Vice President of Communications. “We can’t wait for RALFH to start providing an entirely new and fun way to wine and dine our guests.”

As many of you may have guessed, today is April Fool’s Day and RALFH is indeed a marketing ploy.

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[Photo: RALFH]

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