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Detained Turkish Man Attempted to Sit in First Class

A Turkish man who was handcuffed to a seat after a heated argument with flight staff aboard an American Airlines flight was attempting to sit in a first class seat despite holding an economy ticket, according to Turkey’s national news agency. The 25-year-old passenger, Anil Tuvanc Uskanli, kicked a service cart during the confrontation, and the flight was escorted to its destination in Honolulu by two fighter jets.

Uskanli now faces a potential charge of interference with a flight crew.

To read more on this story, go to The Seattle Times.

[Photo: Donna Basden/AP]

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May 25, 2017

Question. We have this man allegedly suffering from alcohol influenced behavior, we have a fight on a flight from NRT where alcohol was a cause and we have endless reports of bad behavior caused by alcohol and or drugs. As we read about a man with a prosthetic leg being turned away from an exit row as it might compromise safety, can I put forward a suggestion that may anger some. Should airlines require breathalyzer tests for drugs and alcohol on boarding a civilian airliner whether Crew or passenger. The acceptable level would be higher for pax but probably not higher than that required to drive a motor vehicle. Flight attendants can monitor alcohol dispensed in the air but they do not know what the state the pax is in on boarding. Drunk passengers can be at best disruptive and in the case of an emergency they can increase the danger for all passengers. We accept that you cannot chain smoke cigarettes across the Atlantic, is it not time to impose limits on alcohol and act against non prescription recreational drug use amongst passengers?

May 25, 2017

So, a Turkish national is studying drama on a student visa in California. The student visibly suffering from the affects of alcohol breaches the secuirty zone at LAX and is arrested. He is later released, buys a last minute ticket to HNL, has to be transported to the plane by wheelchair as he is incapacitated by alcohol and or drugs then becomes disruptive on the plane and has to be restrained. Now despite studyiing in California, he requires a Turkish translator in court and is flown back to the mainland to undergo a psychological capacity test. Now his visas have been revoked. I am waiting for the law suits saying he should become a citizen because it is all down to the President. You could not make it up.

fedup flyer May 24, 2017

Umm yeah, that ain't how it happened

FlyingNone May 24, 2017

Fighter jets ???.......what is this costing U.S. taxpayers because of incidents like this? Don't airline staff (AA) know the difference between a disruptive or unruly passenger and someone who is threatening to break down the cockpit door or threatens a bomb or something like that ? If jets have to be scrambled for every flight with a disruptive passenger, there would not be enough of them handy if war were declared. R.I.D.I.C.U.L.O.U.S. !!!!!

Icecat May 24, 2017

Two blogs posted about the same incident.