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Despite Valid Passport, Man Denied By Lufthansa

A British business consultant was denied boarding on a Lufthansa flight to Germany at London City Airport (LCY) last week even though his passport was valid until April. The passenger, Alex Kennedy, was the second flyer since December to be turned away for the same reason – to enter an EU country, travelers must now provide a passport that has at least three month’s validity.

In response to the occurrence, the airline said it was following guidelines implemented by a computer program developed in part by the International Air Transport (IATA).

However, the German Embassy in London informed Kennedy that the “new” passport protocol was not required.

“It was embarrassing having to explain to my clients I wasn’t going to make it, and it’s probably cost me £2,700,” Kennedy said.

For more information on this story, visit The Telegraph.

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Internaut February 1, 2016

I can see the EU taking an increasingly harder line on Britain, in the coming months (and as the EU implodes inwards).

Flying Lawyer January 31, 2016

This was wrong, it will however give you an early taste of what Brexit will mean to Britain.

payam81 January 31, 2016

Why is this news...

txlflyer January 29, 2016

Funny instead of blaming the UK government for not being a part of Schengen ( how many times did I fly 1hr20min from Berlin to London to stand in the passport line for up to 50 min), this guy blames Lufthansa. It´s just not possible to take all the benefits of the EU and to give absolutely nothing. Same is true for the refugee crisis, where the UK is definitely way more responsible for the conditions in places like Iraq, Libya as well as Syria than Germany but the UK doesn´t accept hardly any refugees. Leave the EU and all will be fine !

Lakeviewsteve January 29, 2016

Airlines should automate the process. After inputting passport information upon checkin, the system should be able to decide if the documents are in order. That way the check in agent doesn't have to make any judgment calls. They can say, we are unable to check you in for this flight because....... The system should be updated for new regulations on a real time basis. Airlines are fined thousands of dollars if they let someone board who doesn't meet passport regulations. The checkin agent could risk losing their job if they check someone in that violates the regulations.