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Delta Upgrades Sean Penn Following Altercation

Actor Sean Penn was upgraded to first class from economy on a recent Delta Air Lines flight after remaining calm when two aggressive passengers allegedly confronted him about his carry-on. Penn stowed his bag in an overhead bin and two fellow male passengers, who wanted the carry-on moved, approached Penn in a “very aggressive and rude manner,” according to TMZ.

The actor reportedly remained calm and informed crew members of the situation before takeoff. Impressed by his ability to keep cool, the carrier upgraded him and his daughter.

For more information on this story, visit Fox News.

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thesaints June 13, 2017

Who knows who the two Delta Medallions who got passed over are...

justhere June 4, 2017

Penn should have used a pillow case and a few coke cans!! :)

96SS June 4, 2017

What, the one time Penn does not fight someone, he gets an upgrade? Not that I think he deserves it, but you know the airline wanted the publicity by upgrading Penn. Hey, I am nice too, upgrade me.