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Delta Under Siege from Vikings (Fans)

Delta Air Lines, the official airline of the Seattle Seahawks, got ribbed on Twitter by Minnesota Vikings fans after Delta tweeted “Hey 12s! We’re turning up the volume on Sunday. #GoHawks.” The tweet was in anticipation of the Seahawks’ game against the Vikings this Sunday in Minnesota.

Interestingly, Delta Air Lines is also the official airline of the Minnesota Vikings, which caused incensed Vikings fans to tweet angrily and threaten to boycott the airline due to their impartiality.

American Airlines’ Twitter was quick to capitalize on Delta’s social media furor, tweeting “We’d be thrilled to have our planes filled with Viking fans next weekend!”

To read more on this story, go to USA Today.

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Doc Savage January 10, 2016

Dear Minneapolis, We know you don't have a choice when you fly.... So screw you. Sincerely, DL