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Delta to Introduce Quiet, Efficient Airbus at LGA

In an effort to cut down on overflight noise, Delta Air Lines has replaced its MD-88 aircraft with the quieter, more efficient Airbus A320 for scheduled flights at LaGuardia Airport (LGA).

“We’re committed to providing our customers an exceptional flying experience when traveling through New York airports while also considering our responsibility to the communities where we live and serve,” said Delta Vice President – New York Henry Kuykendall. “Delta flights on quieter, more efficient and larger aircraft are good for the community and will also support NextGen initiatives around more fuel-efficient GPS routes in New York airspace, the most congested in the world.”

The carrier has also added the Boeing 737 and several MD-90s to the roster.

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chx1975 March 6, 2017

Quieter aircraft, LOL. I am sure you can measure it with a precise instrument but to a human a plane is a plane is a plane.

DrunkCargo March 5, 2017

Who should I believe? This? or, http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/delta-air-lines-skymiles/1827163-md-88-retired-lga.html ?