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Delta to Change Pet Policy

Starting in March, travelers flying with Delta Air Lines will no longer be permitted to check in large pets on their flights. The animals will instead be moved as freight, and the airline is asking owners to arrive at airports three hours before a flight so the furry companions can indeed be processed as cargo.

This will not affect the airline’s policy on service animals.

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[Photo: CBS News]

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bhomburg January 21, 2016

how can this be great news? On the contrary, this is very bad news for travellers with animals and rescue groups. Aside from price and convenience (cargo is at least three times the price of AVIH, and intercontintal travel is prohibitively expensive), animals sent as cargo do not get treated any different from those sent as checked baggage - if anything, the cargo experience is WORSE for them due to the longer time they have to stay in their kennels. Let's hope that AA won't change their policies and/or use the opportunity of being the only US network carrier accepting pets as checked baggage to raise their prices even more. And DL fliers, be prepared for more (fake) SVANs and ESANs.

GRALISTAIR January 20, 2016

Thank god for small mercies- great news.