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Delta Thanks Trump for Qatar Agreement

On Tuesday, Delta Air Lines celebrated an agreement made by the American and Qatari governments that will increase transparency into rival Qatar Airways’ books.

“Today’s agreement by the State of Qatar is a strong first step in a process for commercial transparency and accountability, and we remain committed to working with the administration to address the harmful trade violations by the United Arab Emirates as well,” said CEO Ed Bastian.

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irishguy28 February 6, 2018

As Karen Walker (really!) of Air Transport World says: "Three years on, with millions of dollars and a lot of rhetoric spent, American, Delta and United seem to have achieved only one thing: securing the status quo." http://atwonline.com/blog/open-skies-big-deal-isn-t

fivenue February 3, 2018

What a load of crap from Delta and other US carriers. They know how bad they are screwing passengers, so they don't want to reflect that and compete. No matter, consumers will eventually give up and choose different airlines

UncleDude February 2, 2018

Chapter 11 The Biggest inequality in Global Aviation

edgewood49 February 2, 2018

If anyone thinks that Quatar just signed this without first making sure internally that they could fully comply with the agreement are sadly mistaken. There are so many variables in putting this together, remember the legacy US carriers get a lot of benefits that the ME3 don't and the ME 3 have their "enhancements. DL/UA/AA will do anything to deflect from their failures to provide a decent product and that product is not getting any better.

cynosura February 2, 2018

Wouldn't it be great to receive commercial transparency and accountability from our own US airlines? We all know what this is all about. Delta and the other major US carriers hate competition.