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Delta Plans Upgrades to A321neo First Class Seats

Delta First Class Seat

American Airlines isn’t the only carrier looking to improve their domestic premium-cabin customer experience. Delta Air Lines will also introduce an upgraded First Class cabin aboard their Airbus A321neo aircraft. The first planned commercial flights are expected later this year.

Delta Air Lines wants to improve the customer experience – and the delivery of new Airbus A321neo airframes gives them the opportunity to start at the front. First reported by paxex.aero, Delta is planning a new First Class experience with the newest aircraft to join their fleet.

The New Delta First Class on the A321neo

From renderings published online, the new seats will resemble those found on foreign carriers, with an emphasis on space, privacy, and personal entertainment. The new seats are expected to feature wrap-around headrests, offering more privacy for each flyer in the 20-seat cabin.

But seclusion won’t be the only benefit of flying First Class. Each seat will also feature larger tray tables with more workspace, along with more storage spaces. Each seat also offers easily-accessible power outlets, above the literature pocket at the passenger’s ankle-level.

Entertainment will also be a priority for A321neo premium flyers. Each passenger gets in-flight entertainment delivered on a seatback screen, designed and built by Delta Flight Products. According to the airline, Delta Studio features up to 300 movies, 750 television programs, 100 foreign films and 18 channels of live satellite television. The paxex.aero report notes the in-flight entertainment will be delivered via wireless technology, similar to how personal device entertainment is currently delivered aboard airplanes. The result is reduced weight and faster maintenance and replacement when necessary.

When Will the A321neo Come Into Service??

The new First Class cabin is one of many different improvements expected aboard the Delta A321neo. The airline also announced the new airframes will also showcase “25-percent larger bookshelf-style overhead bins,” high-speed internet access and full-spectrum LED lighting.

However, it remains unclear when the first aircraft will join the Atlanta-based carrier. In a previous release, Delta said they expected the first of their 137 orders to arrive “in the first quarter of 2020,” but a hard date has not been announced. When they do go into service, the aircraft will replace an aging narrowbody fleet which still includes the “Mad Dog” McDonnell Douglas MD-88.

Delta is not the only airline looking to improve the premium passenger experience. American Airlines is also going through a re-retrofit of domestic First Class cabins, known inside the company as “Project Kodiak.”

randysea January 29, 2020

"the new seats will resemble those found on foreign carriers, with an emphasis on space, privacy, and personal entertainment." I notice there is no mention of greater width, which is what would really resemble foreign carriers. So, once again, "customer experience" is bah, humbug hype.

rick001 January 29, 2020

What do they mean by bookshelf-style overhead bins? No door? Multiple levels so a typical carry-on won't fit?

jmurat1041 January 29, 2020

Looks bad, not much of an upgrade. I am wondering if such seats even recline and how the person seating by the window would get out if they do.

Dr.Ells January 29, 2020

That can’t possibly be a delta first class picture. Either the author chose the incorrect picture (that mistake would not be a first), or I’ll just keep flying Continental/United!

RUAMKZ January 29, 2020

Too close together, and I'm guessing that they will be really stiff, too.