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Delta Passengers Can Use Their Fingerprint as a Boarding Pass

Delta passengers looking for a swift and easy security process can now speed their way through the airport using CLEAR technology. Currently available in 26 airports around the U.S., CLEAR kiosks allow passengers to move through security using just their biometric details instead of a boarding pass.

Delta Air Lines passengers can use their biometric details to speed their way through airport security, reports Travel Weekly. This simplified security experience comes thanks to CLEAR, a Manhattan-based company specializing in biometric technology and a Delta partner.

As a replacement to conventional security procedures, CLEAR states that its goal is to create a “frictionless” experience. “With CLEAR, your biometrics replace your ID and your boarding pass or ticket, so you never have to take your wallet out of your pocket or break stride.”

According to the outlet, those who wish to take part in this service can enroll for an annual fee of $179, with special rates available for Delta’s SkyMiles members.Those who wish to use CLEAR will need to link their CLEAR account to the SkyMiles account.

(Source: CLEAR)

Currently, CLEAR is available to use in 26 airports across the country. All enrolled users need to do is make their way to a CLEAR kiosk to register and scan their unique biometric details. CLEAR is available to U.S. citizens and residents over the age of 18.

A full list of locations where CLEAR can be used is available to view here.

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corbetti March 24, 2019

Seems misleading - CLEAR is the one giving you biometric access, not Delta.

sethb March 21, 2019

Most of the time, the TSA doesn't even look at my boarding pass. They never scan it, CLEAR does. CLEAR also serves for entry to Sky Clubs. You do still need your boarding pass at the gate (except some gates in Atlanta).

jamesteroh March 11, 2019

Headline is very misleading. You use your fingerprint as your id. Your boarding pass is still scanned by TSA and they verify it has precheck on it. You also need your boarding pass at the gate to boarrd. It is a great benefit for diamond members though, wish it was at ORD and EWR.

horseymike March 11, 2019

another money grab.