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Delta Air Lines

Delta Offers to Help Cure Sky Mile Members of Jet Lag

Delta Offers to Help Cure Sky Mile Members of Jet Lag
Jeff Edwards

Delta Air Lines believes it might have discovered the secret to fighting jet lag, and the cure isn’t just available to Sky Mile members traveling through Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) — best of all, a trip to the gym might not be required.

Delta Air Lines wants passengers to know that simply flying on its new Airbus A350 planes will help passengers to combat jet lag. The new aircraft have improved cabin pressure, softer LED lighting and wider windows which should help lessen (but not eliminate) the effects of jumping time zones.

For Delta Sky Mile members in the greater Los Angeles area looking for even more of a line of defense against the groggy feeling associated with long-distance air travel, the airline has partnered with Equinox Fitness Centers. Delta tapped Equinox to create “low- to moderate-intensity exercises designed to help muscles synchronize to a new time zone, reduce stiffness associated with travel and generally encourage the body to reset.”

Sky Mile members near the fitness club’s locations in Marina Del Rey, Westwood or West Hollywood are invited to try out the “Sweat Lag” regimen in person from July 10 until August 2. The instructor-led classes are free of charge for Sky Mile members.

“Angelenos are some of the most wellness-conscious people in the world, and we’re proud to partner with Equinox to continue giving our LA customers unique experiences that transform their travel on the plane and off,” Delta VP Ranjan Goswami said in a statement announcing the limited time joint venture. “These exclusive fitness classes complement the jet lag-fighting features of our new A350 aircraft, which makes its debut flight from LAX next month.”

For jet-set passengers who have trouble getting to the gym, a virtual version of the jet-lag-busting Sweat Lag routine is available online free of charge. The online, Delta-sponsored exercise program includes more than an hour of exercise routines designed to reduce jet lag — along with some familiar-sounding tips for fighting the effects of a long haul flight.

“We’re always looking for new ways to serve our high-performance community members — many of whom are regularly traveling across time zones — so our partnership with Delta to create a jet-lag busting workout available in our LA market and digitally was a no-brainer,” Exquinox spokesperson Liz Miersch explained. “The workout, brought to life digitally via our media platform Furthermore, is representative of Equinox’s unique approach to partnerships overall. We thoughtfully integrate our digital and physical assets to produce a perfect platform for amplification — not only to our member base, but to an extended likeminded digital audience as well.”

[Photo: Shutterstock]

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  1. KLBGO

    July 10, 2018 at 1:01 pm

    How about just serving more water onboard?
    As simple and as boring as “Stop eating so much”…

  2. eng3

    July 11, 2018 at 9:32 am

    There features are all available on the 787 but how does “softer LED lighting and wider windows” help jet lag when the FA’s turn the lights off and force everyone to close their window shades after the meal service (even on daytime flights). It is well known that light exposure has the single largest effect on your sleep rhythms. If airlines really wanted to help, they would open all the window shades and/or turn on the lights during daylight hours at the destination. Instead it is often the opposite.

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