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Delta Offers “Delta One” Business Class On 5 More Routes

Delta Air Lines is making it easier to enjoy the upgraded luxury of its Delta One business-class suites. The airline is adding the Delta One option to more flights starting in the fall. A total of five more transpacific routes will soon offer the premium option. The flights will slowly be introduced during a period that will last from November through April. Here’s a look at those routes:

  • Minneapolis/St. Paul to Tokyo
  • Atlanta to Tokyo
  • Seattle to Tokyo
  • Los Angeles to Tokyo
  • Los Angeles to Sydney

Delta unveiled its first Delta One suite last year on its new Airbus A350 wide-body jet. This aircraft represents the future of what Delta has planned for its fleet. The Airbus A350 is the first plane to feature the new Delta Select international-style premium economy seats that are being rolled out by the airline.

Delta has also started the process of refurbishing its Boeing 777 aircraft to make room for the new Delta One premium product. Here’s a look at the international routes that already offer Delta One service:

  • Detroit to Tokyo
  • Detroit to Seoul
  • Detroit to Shanghai
  • Detroit to Beijing
  • Detroit to Amsterdam
  • Los Angeles to Shanghai
  • Atlanta to Shanghai

It is definitely a good time to consider trying out Delta One if you routinely travel using any of the popular long-haul routes that are on Delta’s list. What makes this premium product worth the extra cost for most business travelers? Delta One is a desirable option for anyone looking for extra comfort and privacy during a long-haul flight. This option is ideal for anyone hoping to enjoy some relaxation or focus on getting work done. Delta One seats convert into lie-flat beds that are concealed by sliding privacy doors.

Passengers using this option are treated to Westin bedding and high-end amenity kits featuring deluxe skincare products. They also get to enjoy a menu full of carefully curated culinary options and a selection of free wines, beers and spirits. All Delta One suites come with 110-volt power outlets, customizable ambient lighting, full-height doors and other touches that add to this option’s sense of privilege and exclusivity. All suites also feature extra-wide screens that make it easy to get lost in a great movie or show.


[Image Source: Delta]

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gabbai September 7, 2018

Does Delta really think that seasoned International travelers, those most likely to pay more for Delta One, will really do so because they will be given "high-end amenity kits featuring deluxe skincare products"? If the answer is yes, that shows what a seriously flawed airline it is!

flyerCO September 6, 2018

Delta has offered Delta One for years.

BigFlyer August 17, 2018

This sounds like a Delta press release. Nothing wrong with publishing a press release - what is wrong is disguising it as an article.

Bowgie August 15, 2018

“Suites” is what Delta calls their refurbished DeltaOne seats that are rolling out on the new A350 aircraft. DeltaOne by itself is what Delta calls’s business class product. Those “suites” on Delta’s new A350, while nice, are nothing like a real suites experience on an airline that offers an international first class or suites cabin.

Benj K August 15, 2018

Another article that's just a regurgitated press release. Great.