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Delta Now Includes 5 Fare Categories, Changes International First to Delta One


Delta changes splits fares into five categories, removing First Class from international routes, and reducing amenities in Basic Economy.

More changes are coming for flyers on Delta Air Lines in 2015. The legacy carrier announced the new cabin experience on their website, splitting their product into five classes with a scheduled roll out beginning March 1.

At the bottom of the tiers is the previously announced Basic Economy, offering flyers a low fare with no ticket changes, refunds or advance seat selection. Noticeable changes begin on February 1, when upgrades from Basic Economy, including purchasing priority boarding and class upgrades, will be discontinued. Basic Economy is currently available to select domestic destinations from four Delta hubs.

DLCC-100 Branded Products Chart_v4

Main Cabin service will offer the same experience as Basic Economy, but allows flyers to select their seats in advance and offers some flexibility, including limited changes and refunds. In addition, Main Cabin flyers will also receive complimentary alcoholic beverages on long-haul international routes.

Delta Comfort+ will replace Economy Comfort as the premium economy class. Along with priority boarding and extra leg room, the new Delta Comfort+ will include redesigned quilted seats, dedicated overhead bin space and complimentary alcoholic beverages. Long-haul international flyers in Delta Comfort+ will also receive a pre-set sleep kit.

The traditional First Class offering will be reduced to select short-haul domestic and international routes. Replacing First Class on long haul international and select domestic routes is Delta One, formerly known as BusinessElite. The new Delta One will feature flat-bed seats with bedding designed by Westin Hotels, special amenity kits, chef-curated menus and complimentary access to the Delta Sky Club lounge prior to boarding.

Officials at the airline say the new experience will create better options for travelers at every level. Newly designed seats and seating configurations are currently being installed, with the product roll out expected to be complete by Summer 2015.

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ChimarraoMate December 11, 2014

I see this as a plus. Economy Comfort is being renamed to Comfort+ with free alcoholic beverages on "all" flights, premium snacks, and dedicated overhead space. Let's face it, people that want to save put money first. No reserved seating for the penny pinchers seems appropriate if it will bring down the fare. If that encourages people who want more comfort and convenience to upgrade, then it seems like a good business choice by delta. I for one love free drinks and really love the idea of dedicated overhead space. Now I can get that without a first class ticket.

tulsamedic December 10, 2014

I hope this doesn't have any bad surprises? I've already booked a trip to the UK in may and have cashed in points to upgrade to business elite??

kirkwoodj December 10, 2014

Feel bad for the FAs, having to keep track of Basic vs Main Cabin pax, since would be in same seating group...

CDKing December 10, 2014

Comfort Plus is not premium economy, its not sold a s separate class of service. I wish people would stop calling it that as its misleading. Domestic First class is what a Premium Economy looks like.

notsosmart December 10, 2014

"Reduces amenities in basic economy". I take this to mean that we will now be flogged continuously while the seat belt sign is on? Because the only way to reduce something below zero is to actually go into negative territory, which means that DL, after offering nothing, will have to start actually torturing us in the back. You know, tight seats, no recline, hot irons in all orifices, that sort of thing. I'm former NW Plat, ****this close**** to a million BIS miles on the combined NW/DL. And I am flying OneWorld from now on, because at least AA seems to have some regard for its customers.