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Delta Is Removing Seats to Make Room For…

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Delta says it will remove seats on some aircraft in an effort to give cabin crews more elbow room.

Delta Air Lines is reversing an industry trend and will begin removing seats from some of its planes to make more space in the cabin. Unfortunately, the legacy carrier’s move will not translate into more legroom for flyers.

The airline plans to use the newly freed-up space to expand the size of galleys on select aircraft. Company officials say that while reducing the number of seats will not result in extra pitch for passengers, flyers should still benefit from a more pleasant in-flight experience as a result of the project.

“This is an investment to give our flight attendants the room that they asked for, and in turn so they can provide better customer service,” Delta spokesman Michael Thomas told Bloomberg.

Delta says it will begin removing three rear-row seats from its Airbus SE A320, as well as three rear-row seats on an additional 45 Airbus A321 that are on order. The airline will also remove two rear-row seats from its fleet of MD-90. The MD-90s do not have a rear galley, so the extra space will be used to create additional storage.

Delta had previously created extra room for additional seats by retrofitting many of these planes with “space-saving galleys.” The about-face management is an indication that cabin crews found the smaller workspace unworkable.

[Photo: Delta Air Lines]

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vbscript2 February 23, 2016

@IflyfromABE: As the article mentioned, Delta has 45 A321s on order. They plan to enter service within the next few months. I have a flight scheduled on one in May, so they should at least be in service by then. It's on a route that has normally been operated with 752s in the past.

IflyfromABE October 22, 2015

Delta does not have A321s... FWIW