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Your Delta Flight Attendant Will Soon Know Your Entire History With the Airline When You Board.

The Spirit of Atlanta departing LAX. AeroMexico Connect ERJ-145 XA-TAC waiting to taxi.

Delta Air Lines is working on a new way to personalize your experience flying with them, including a system that would allow any flight attendant to know how your experience was flying with the airline in the past and to understand your preferences for your future flights based on your past history.

Delta Air Lines wants to make your flying experience smoother than ever before—with a digital focus that will remember your experiences and preferences for future flights. The airline plans to harness consumer data into a single view where flight attendants can see the entirety of your history with the airline. Today, that’s not an option.

“So when you walk on board a flight today and interact with a flight attendant, that flight attendant—they may not know the experience that you had last week or last month,” Delta Air Lines CFO Paul Jacobson said at a conference, reported by Investor’s Business Daily. “When we can unite these systems together operationally in customer service, we can actually come in and acknowledge—’I know we failed last week, we apologize for that, here’s what we can do to make it up.’ That’s a level of personalization that we really haven’t seen before.”

It’s unknown at this point what passenger information will be collected and shared throughout the company. The details are also currently unavailable on how the system will actually work.

Delta’s initiative is matched by a similar technological drive in the air travel industry. United Airlines is planning an app to help with flight problems, and Southwest has a new reservations system.

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Wingtipflyer1 September 21, 2018

’I know we failed last week, we apologize for that, here’s what we can do to make it up.’ Yes, I thought I got over it, but thanks for bringing it up again.....How about making this delayed flight take off on time. Waste of time by Delta, IMO.

Jungle55 September 21, 2018

I wish company’s would stay out of our lives. No such thing as privacy anymore. Unless you like delta knowing everything about you. Which I would since they are horrible to customers. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/baggage-claim-becky-delta-apologizes-calling-police-black-woman-damaged-luggage-214734984.html

rylan September 10, 2018

So there will be notes next to the pax info, with things like 'pain in the ass' ? :p

horseymike September 10, 2018

don't these flight attendants have enough to do already ?