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Delta Considering Buying CSeries Aircraft

Delta Air Lines is currently seriously considering investing in Bombardier’s CSeries aircraft, according to the carrier’s CEO, Richard Anderson. “It’s a pretty impressive airplane,” said Anderson, who toured the aircraft in Atlanta in 2015.

Bombardier is reportedly struggling with sales on the aircraft and looking to place a large order.

Anderson confirmed his company is taking the possible investment very seriously, saying, “At the right price, it’s quite a competitive airplane.”

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[Photo: Ryan Remiorz/Canadian Press]

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Lakeviewsteve January 22, 2016

Mr. Anderson is bent on investing in old outdated aircraft as well. That seems like more of a ploy to earn quick profits at the sake of longer term viability. I don't feel comfortable flying antiques.

brocklee9000 January 20, 2016

Acquiring 757s and 717s from mergers or defunct airlines, then buying up the remaining airframes which are no longer in production. Placing a massive Airbus order for the current engine option. Negotiating a lower bulk buying price for the CSeries which is struggling to attract buyers (but only if the price is right). So this is his strategy, eh? Save a few bucks by buying what is less popular, and haggling to get a steal if he buys in bulk?