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Delta CEO Thanks the US Government for Helping Out US Airlines

Last week, Boeing CEO David Calhoun said a major U.S. airline would “most likely” go out of business before the end of the coronavirus crisis. However, Delta CEO Ed Bastian has claimed the opposite, thanking the Trump administration for its support.

Boeing Prediction

Calhoun said in an interview that air travel recovery is going to be so slow that at least one U.S. airline won’t make it through the crisis. He explained, “Something will happen when September comes around. Traffic levels will not be back to 100%, they won’t even be back to 25(%). Maybe by the end of the year we approach 50(%).”

Although Calhoun has doubts about the airlines, there is also concern about Boeing’s position during the crisis. The company has only delivered 56 jets so far in 2020, took zero new orders in both January and April, and had 108 orders for the 737 MAX plane canceled.

Delta Prediction

While Calhoun seems pessimistic about the survivability of U.S. airlines, Delta CEO Ed Bastian shows optimism. In an interview with FOX, Bastian said, “Internationally, we are seeing some airlines going out of business. But in the U.S., I give primary credit to the president, the administration, leaders on the Hill. They were able to pass the CARES Act, and within the airline industry we had the payroll support program, so as an industry we received $25 billion to keep our employees in place. There’s no government in the world that’s been as responsive. I’m proud to say. And it’s kept all the major airlines in business.”

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rylan May 25, 2020

Well with how much Delta has cut their schedule for May/June/July they sure don't seem to expect any kind of recovery soon.

bigbuy May 24, 2020

He should have thanked the taxpayer's instead.

htb May 23, 2020

You have to praise the President of you won't get any money. Simple a that.

arcticflier May 22, 2020

Corporate Welfare is why Capitalism makes America Great !