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Delta Air Lines Bans “Over 100 People” For Not Wearing Face Masks

Atlanta’s Delta Air Lines says they have barred over 100 flyers from boarding their aircraft, over non-compliance with their face mask policy. The airline was among the first to enforce face coverings on all flights, and recently introduced a new option for those claiming they could not wear a mask.

Delta Air Lines’ chief executive has a message for all flyers: If you can’t wear a mask, you can’t fly. The comments were made by CEO Ed Bastian on NBC’s The Today Show on July 22, 2020

“We already have over 100 people we’ve put on [The Banned] list”

According to Bastian, the airline is aggressively enforcing the face mask rules for the airline. To those ends, he claims Delta’s no-mask ban list currently has over 100 flyers.

“You cannot board a Delta plane unless you have a mask on,” Bastian said during the interview. “If you board the plane and you insist on not wearing your mask, we will insist that you don’t fly Delta into the future.”

Delta was one of the early adopters of a face covering rule, which requires all flyers over two years old to wear a face mask to reduce the spread of COVID-19. And although the airline has adopted a “Clearance-to-Fly” protocol for those who claim they can’t wear a mask, the executive is urging them to stay home and not consider flying for the foreseeable future.

“We implemented a new procedure this week [Clearance-to-Fly] because we’ve had some customers indicate that they have underlying condition that makes wearing a mask dangerous for them,” Bastian told Today. “We’ve told them that you may not want to fly, to reconsider whether air travel is the right form of transportation.”

Although not everyone is a fan of mandatory face mask policies across all airlines, Bastian told Today that it has been a positive change for their airline. With middle seats blocked off and electrostatic fogging on all aircraft, the airline says travelers welcome the extra precautions. The CEO said the in-flight experience was “positive,” and that flyers are embracing the changes.

New Changes Come as Mask Rules Get Tighter

Bastian’s comments come as mask rules get tighter among airlines. American Airlines is instituting a policy where all flyers must wear a mask from the moment they enter their departure airport, to the moment they leave their arrival airport.

With Delta’s “Clearance-to-Fly” rules, passengers who are found filing a false claim about face masks can face suspension of flight privileges throughout the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.

jlc1978 August 6, 2020

Good for Delta. I've just flown AF/KLM on DL codeshares and wearing mask was no big deal and a small price to help keep people safe. If someone doesn't want to wear a mask, fly an airline that doesn't require one or don't fly/

pulokk1 August 5, 2020

Whenever anyone cries "fascism" to defend their right to infect other people, ignore them. vargha decries the "non-scientific approach" and then offers up a whopper of his own: that masks must protect the wearer as much as the public, because "the material works both ways, doesn't it? Take the time to do a little research, Dr. vargha.

chavala August 4, 2020

Vargha is just a troll trying to rile people up. Click on his profile and see the only 6 posts he’s made in the past 11 years.

roadracer August 2, 2020

I'm guessing any lawsuits would be the result of somebody dying from contracting the virus, and the family suing Delta for "not providing a safe flying environment". That's why Delta is doing this. @Vargha: I don't understand your logic. What if two passengers sitting next to each other decide not to wear a mask? Or are you expecting the entire plane to wear masks except you?

AJNEDC July 31, 2020

Kudos to you Delta. If I had any plans of ever flying in the near future, you would be it.