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Delayed Refunds, Wedding Shenanigans Frustrate PEOPLExpress Flyers


After a bumpy June launch, followed by an abrupt stop in service in September, PEOPLExpress continues to frustrate passengers with delayed refunds and social media blunders that has sparked online criticism.

Following the sudden announcement on September 26 that PEOPLExpress Airlines cancelled all flights from its home base at Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport (PHF), airline officials announced they had hoped to be back in the air by October 16. Passengers holding tickets were informed that they would receive refunds for flights booked through October 16, according to a statement the carrier provided to CBS affiliate WTKR. Email notifications were promised for passengers holding tickets for later flights.

Nearly a month later, there’s no sign of service resuming, and customers are still awaiting those refunds, according to complaints on the company’s Facebook page. What’s more, instead of information, the company recently posted photos of an employee’s wedding, further aggravating customers.

“I’m sorry… But an airline posting wedding photos that has totally screwed consumers is just a little bit strange to me. Congrats to the bride and groom but PEX should focus on getting airplanes in the air again,” posted one consumer, according to a post on Jaunted.com.

“Rather than post wedding pics, maybe you should focus on re-starting your “airline”. You don’t see Delta posting wedding pics on their Facebook page….” wrote another.

PEOPLExpress has since pulled the photos off its page without explanation.

On October 9, the company posted an update on its website explaining delays continue due to aircraft availability and government regulatory issues. Customers holding tickets are promised refunds for any current outstanding tickets, and no new flights are being scheduled.

[Photo: PEOPLExpress Facebook]

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CDKing October 23, 2014

I don't think they will be back in business ever