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Daughter of NBA Star Scottie Pippen Arrested After Fighting Sheraton Hotel Staff & Urinating in Lobby

The daughter of NBA star Scottie Pippen was arrested earlier this week for public urination and public intoxication at the Sheraton in Iowa City, Iowa

Sierra Pippen, daughter of NBA star Scottie Pippen, was arrested earlier this week at an Iowa City hotel. According to the Iowa City Police Department, the intoxicated 20-year-old was charged with two misdemeanors after she entered the Sheraton Iowa City Hotel and urinated on the floor of the hotel’s lobby.

Pippen is a student at the nearby University of Iowa. However, she is known to the hotel’s employees, as she was arrested for fighting with security staff at the same Sheraton a few weeks prior.

On April 26, A police officer outside of the hotel noticed that Pippen smelled of alcohol and was showing signs of intoxication, including impaired balance and slurred speech. Sheraton employees called local police around 01:30 a.m. and Pippen, who declined a post-arrest Breathalyzer test and refused to undergo a field sobriety exam, was charged with public urination as well as public intoxication. According to the complaint filed, Pippen also accused the arresting officer of racist behavior.

Pippen was released from jail a few hours later after posting a $500 bond. Jason Williams, the general manager of the hotel, declined to comment on the incident, but he confirmed to the Press-Citizen that “the authorities were contacted over the weekend due to an individual relieving herself in front of the hotel. The person was not a guest.”

[Photos: Sheraton Iowa City Hotel; Johnson County Sheriff’s Office]

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acvitale May 2, 2015

What an excellent representative of the human species. Urinate on the floor as an underage intoxicated miscreant and then call racism. But, because she is the daughter of an NBA star it is OK... Charge her with all applicable crimes. Sentence her to mandatory substance abuse treatment programs and at least 1 year or more of community service. Finally, make her pay and apologize to those who had to deal with cleaning up her disgusting behavior. What a lifetime LOSER!