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Customs Agents Find Human Intestines in Passenger’s Bag

Customs officials in Austria made the macabre discovery after more closely examining the luggage of a passenger who reportedly seemed unusually nervous.

Austrian customs agents at Graz Airport (GRZ) made a gruesome discovery in the bag of an arriving passenger. According to a BBC report, officials discovered human intestines among the personal items of an unidentified female passenger. The woman is said to have arrived in the country with her grisly cargo on a flight from Marrakesh Menara Airport (RAK) in Morocco.

Agents searched the woman’s luggage after they say she was behaving suspiciously upon arrival at the airport. A search of the unusually nervous passenger’s bags revealed a possible reason for her suspicious demeanor.

The woman reportedly explained that the carefully packed human organ once belonged to her late husband. The widow said that she was traveling with part of her dead spouse’s gastro-intestinal tract because she suspected foul play in his demise. She then informed officials that she hoped to have the tissue tested for evidence of poison.

The previous owner of the intestines in question apparently died during a medical procedure in Morocco. An expert summoned by customs agents determined there was very little useful information that could be learned forensically from testing the tissue discovered in the widow’s luggage.

Officials from the Austrian Ministry of Finance confirmed the bizarre airport discovery, but could shed no light on why the passenger felt the need to leave the country to have the human remains tested for evidence of a nefarious cause of death. Police told local media that the passenger did not break any laws and is not facing charges. The intestines are being stored pending the possibility of additional forensic testing.

[Photo: Flughafen Graz]

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NH_Clark October 6, 2016

gutsy move on her part!

Paella747 September 29, 2016

That's twisted. She was destined to travel with intestine.

Dave737 September 29, 2016

it takes a lot of guts to try this.