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Crowne Plaza Designs New Guest Rooms with Business Travelers in Mind


Crowne Plaza reveals modern guest rooms designed to meet the rest, connectivity and space needs of the “24/7, always on” business traveler.

On Monday, Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts introduced its newly designed guest rooms, boasting an angled bed placement that flies in the face of guest room designs that the IHG press release accused of remaining “virtually unchanged” for 60 years. The unique slant to the bed is said to reduce noise levels, thereby promoting better sleep.

Based on research with industry leaders and travel experts, these three factors emerged as essential to modern travelers:

  • Space — Business travelers prefer a peaceful a space that encourages productivity, yet without making it feel so much like work.
  • Connectivity — This is paramount, and today’s business traveler expects it.
  • Rest — Busy on-the-go travelers believe that renewal and revitalization are keys to success.

Similar to a “work triangle” layout utilized in professional kitchens, the newly designed rooms provide guests with flowing access to three distinct areas.

There’s a cozy bed space, distinguished by a curved headboard and insulated wall panels that reduce noise levels by 30 percent compared to typical hotel rooms. Another portion of the room features a customizable nook, which can be used for a business meeting, socialization or relaxation. A third portion of the room acts as a dedicated work area, featuring uncluttered surfaces, access to multiple outlets and fully adjustable lights. The work area also meets vanity needs with a hair dryer and a mirror above the desk.

The new rooms will be rolled out in the Americas beginning in 2015.

[Photo: IHG Facebook]

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ppp909 October 30, 2014

I've also noticed that that in some hotels in the US they have sockets built into the base of lamps. Nice idea, but not so great for our clunky UK plugs. Even worse with a charger. BTW I wish you could edit posts here. Shocking grammar by me earlier on :-( In my defence it was 7.30 AM.....

crunchy October 30, 2014

Totally agree, ppp909. I often find myself moving furniture and unplugging lamps near the bed. Omni Hotels seem to know this as they have a socket built into the nightstand with a sign on the glass top. I liked that.

ppp909 October 30, 2014

I stayed in a Crowne Plaza just last week (Fesitval City Dubai). The room was very nice, but like many hotels they didn't seem to think that a power socket next to the bed is a good idea. The average business traveller likes to have their phone next to their bed. They also like being able to charge it overnight. Sometimes they like to sit in bed and work using their laptop, yet have it kept charged for the long meeting their about to go to.