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Criminals Run Stolen Reward Points Scam

close up of a the hand of a thief stealing the dollars us to a woman

Cybercriminals are allegedly running a scam involving the theft of people’s flight miles and the fraudulent sale of flights, rentals cars and hotel stays.

in the deep and dark web there are these travel agencies, and they’re run by these vendors who advertise that they can get you pretty much anything that you would need for vacations to anywhere in the world,” said Liv Rowley, an Intelligence Analyst who’s been following the trend. Rowley alleges that scammers are able to steal customers’ flight miles in order to resell them to fraudulent travel agents.

To read more on this story, go to ABC 30.

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htb January 16, 2018

Only allowing 4 digit numerical PINs to protect one's points isn't exactly helping the situation... (IHG).