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Computer Glitch Gives All AA Pilots Leave Over Christmas Week

Will this be the glitch that stole Christmas?

An error in American Airlines‘ flight assignment app has resulted in all of American Airlines’ pilots being assigned leave over the Christmas holiday week. That means over 15,000 flights will take off without an assigned pilot.

Unfortunately for the airline, this glitch comes at a time when the union has been trying to get increased holiday pay for their past few contracts. American Airlines has stood firm on not renegotiating holiday pay.

The airline initially offered pilots extra pay to work that week but the union is saying that it violates their contract. So what will happen if American Airlines and the union can’t strike a deal?

“So far, no one’s picking the flights up, so who knows what’s gonna happen,” says an unnamed American Airlines captain. “But it’s probably better to incentivise, economically, people to come to work than to hope everything’ll work out.”


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Ifti Khan December 2, 2017

I used to favor unions, and now I cannot stand them. What does it gain them to screw up what is supposed to be a time of goodwill. This is truly now a bah humbug time of year. Even the people in the parking lots are acting like moronic imbeciles. I hope the union idiots have the worst time of their lives till they die.

northernlights1 December 1, 2017

I wonder if the pilots offered to stopped to wonder that THEY are part of the brand. And if they have interest in protecting their jobs then they have a duty to help AA make this right. Meet them part way. These are the kinds of issues that lead people to not book with AA in the future. Less business=Less Flights=Less Pilots.

MimiB22 November 30, 2017

My SiL is a flight attendant on AA. Does this mean she'll get to spend the week at home? No pilots, no need for FAs

Snuggs November 30, 2017

Perhaps the illustrious AA CEO will blame this glitch on those he mocked for making mileage runs. While I mistakenly thought that we were helping make AA realize it's handsome profits, I now realize we were creating a scheduling problem for Christmas. Suppose the AA Grand Poobah wishes he spent more time on biz and less on making fun of it's customers?

respawn November 30, 2017

In the end, the passengers will be the ones who really lose out here as AA ends up cancelling flights and/or stranding people halfway to their destination.