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Complete Coverage: Ebola’s Effect on Travel


Although FlyerTalk doesn’t cover each and every Ebola-related story coming through the wire, we’ve assembled this list of articles pertaining to how the outbreak is affecting the aviation and travel industry worldwide. This compressive list will be updated as news comes in.


UPDATED October 24

    • Airport Workers Call for Protection Against Ebola – via Bloomberg 

    • Uber Confirms That NY Ebola Patient Rode with Them, Tells Others to Calm Down – via Business Insider 

    • Ebola Test Negative for Child Arriving at ORD – via Chicago Tribune 

    • Dallas Nurse Amber Vinson Free of Ebola – via WashPo 

    • New York Doctor Tests Positive for Ebola – via BBC 

    • North Korea Closes Borders, Citing Ebola Thread – via NBC


UPDATED October 22


    • Politicians Weigh In on New Ebola-Related Airport Restrictions – via MassLive 

    • Hotels Step Up Measures to Protect Against Ebola – via FOX 

    • CDC Will Monitor Travelers Arriving in US from W. Africa for 21 Days – via FlyerTalk 

    • DHS Requires W. African-US Travelers to Arrive at Five Airports – via FlyerTalk 

    • Survey: Ebola Is Having a Minimal Effect on Business Travel – via Los Angeles Times


UPDATED October 20


    • Photo of Flyer in Homemade Hazmat Suit Goes Viral – via BuzzFeed 

    • France Says Halting Guinea Flights over Ebola Would Be “Nonsense” – via Yahoo! 

    • TSA Officer Who Patted Down Ebola-Infected Nurse Placed on Leave – via The Blaze 

    • France Introduces Ebola Screening at CDG – via The Telegraph 

    • Frontier Orders Employees to Stop Wearing Masks – via FOX 31 Denver 

    • Passenger at EWR Taken to Hospital for Ebola Evaluation – via The Record 

    • Belgium’s BRU to Begin Ebola Screening – via AP 

    • Hong Kong’s HKG Introduces Ebola Questionnaire – via News.Gov.HK 

    • Flyers Being Observed at Hospital after Falling Ill en route from Liberia to ORD – via Chicago Tribune 

    • Sick Passenger Says American Airlines Overreacted – via WOOD TV8 

    • American Airlines Denies Report that Crew Locked Passenger in Lavatory – via FlyerTalk 

    • Airlines Haven’t Changed Ticket Policies Despite Ebola Fears – via Dallas News 

    • WHO Confirms Nigeria Free of Ebola – via The New York Times 

    • Study: Up to 3 Ebola-Infected Travelers Might Fly Each Month – via CNN 

    • 48 People Who Had Contact with First Ebola Victim in US Cleared of Risk  – via NBC 

    • Spain Tests Possible Ebola-Infected Flyers, Isolates Air France Jet – via WashPo 

    • US Airways Plane Quarantined in Charlotte – via WBTV 

    • Delta Flight Diverted to RDU over Ebola Scare – via First Coast News 

    • Passenger Isolated after Landing at Stockholm Airport – via The Local 

    • Survey: Ebola Causing People to Change Travel Plans – via Las Vegas Sun 

    • Ben-Gurion Airport Holds Ebola-Screening Drill – via The Jerusalem Post


PUBLISHED October 17


    • Obama: Travel Ban May Not Help Prevent Ebola Spread – via Yahoo! 

    • Hospital Worker Who May Have Handled Ebola Samples Quarantined on Carnival Cruise – via Yahoo! 

    • WHO Declares Senegal Free of Ebola – via The New York Times 

    • Rick Perry Supports Air Travel Ban for “Countries that Have Been Hit Hardest” by Ebola – via HuffPo 

    • American Airlines Establishes Task Force to Deal with Infectious Diseases – via FlyerTalk 

    • Jamaica Bans Travelers from West African Nations over Ebola Crisis – via Los Angeles Times 

    • Ebola Screening Extended to Manchester and Birmingham Airports – via BBC 

    • American Airlines Crew Traps Possible Ebola-Infected Passenger in Lavatory – via Houston Chronicle 

    • Brussels Airport Will Screen Baggage Coming from Ebola Areas – via Business Insider 

    • France to Begin Screening at Charles de Gaulle Airport – via Global News 

    • Fresh Ebola Fears Hit US Airline Stocks – via The Australian Business Review 

    • Caribbean Island Bars Visitors from Ebola Nations – via AP 

    • Air Canada Cabin Crews Allowed to Wear Safety Gloves – via The Chronicle Herald 

    • Frontier Airlines Crew Placed on Paid 21-day Break after Flying with Ebola Patient – via Wall Street Journal 

    • CDC Says Destroying Airplane Seats of Ebola-Infected Passengers Unnecessary – via CDC 

    • Delta Flight Delayed at Detroit Metro Airport by Possible Ebola Case – via WDIV 

    • Frontier Jet Made Five Flights after Shuttling Ebola-Infected Passenger – via Los Angeles Times 

    • Ebola Patient’s Path through Cleveland Hopkins Gets Complete Scrubbing – via Cleveland.com 

    • Dallas Airport Contractor Forced to Remove Mask and Gloves – via CBS DFW 

    • Frontier CEO Writes to Employees about Response to Passenger with Ebola – via FOX 31 Denver 

    • TSA Considers Putting 76 Healthcare Workers from Texas Hospital on No-Fly List – via FOX 25 Boston 

    • Health Experts Question Effectiveness of Airport Ebola Screening – via Al Jazeera


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lifescool October 26, 2014

Thanks for the news from Africa. It is also important to note that the family members with whom Duncan stayed in Dallas did not contract the disease. We need to be on our guard taking the required precautions

You want to go where? October 20, 2014

Please add the following. It is important that we include the good news as well as the hysteria. 2 African countries freed of Ebola; monitoring period over for 48 Texans - http://www.cnn.com/2014/10/20/health/ebola-outbreak-roundup/index.html