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Commercial Electric Aviation Just Became a Reality

So far, the electric plane has been limited to exhibitions and few occupants. Harbour Air just extended that frontier by completing the world’s first commercial flight on an electric plane. Although only four minutes (they had to cut the trip short to avoid adverse weather), the flight along the Fraser River, just south of Vancouver, was the beginning of the company’s efforts to go completely electric.

Harbour Air was founded in 1982 by Greg McDougall, who has made it his mission to embrace new technology and incorporate it into his business, now including his fleet of 40 seaplanes. The company specializes in tours along the Northwest Pacific coast and private charters. The new motors were manufactured by magniX and installed on a single-engine DHC-2 Beaver, although McDougall has plans to put them on all of Harbour’s models, including the twin-engine DHC-6 Otter.

Harbour isn’t alone in its green endeavors. Airbus has also unveiled plans for a hybrid passenger airliner, dubbed the E-Fan X. Its maiden flight is currently scheduled for next year. That high-wing craft will essentially be a BAe 146 that replaces one of its four turbofan engines with a two-megawatt electric motor and power generator from Siemens and Rolls Royce.

Boeing HorizonX currently backs Zunum Aero, a hybrid aircraft startup, but does not currently have any commercial rollout plans for the venture.

Dublin_rfk February 15, 2020

Call me when all the (four in this case) engines are electric. Until then keep working. PS: we need more research into particle beam mater transporters.

mvoight February 15, 2020

sfcharles - I don't see the connection with this article about Harbour's electric test flight

sfcharles1 February 14, 2020

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