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Comedian to Delta: I Just Got Sucked Through the Toilet Hole

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The process of putting in a complaint to a business is not always a seamless task – sometimes you’ll get an automated response and other times you’ll get ignored. 

One comedian and YouTuber, Drew Gooden, tweeted a “complaint” to Delta’s Twitter.

And lo and behold, actually received a response!

Apparently, Gooden was tweeting to Delta about the severity of his situation of getting “sucked through a toilet hole” while still “hurtling through the sky.” If it’s any consolation to Gooden, many users sympathized during this downward trajectory in his life including Scott’s Cheap Flights.

[Featured Image: Delta]

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AKC6 July 17, 2019

Priority de-boarding. Twenty-minute luggage guarantee does not apply.

eric_o July 17, 2019

*pining for the days when comedians were funny*

Bradhattan July 17, 2019

Why are you sitting while flushing? I am off the pot, pants up, hands washed, towel to push flush and out i go.....but really who poops on a plane unless an emergency?