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Cold? Catch a Cheap Business Class Flight to Costa Rica This Winter

Flyers looking to get home from Costa Rica or want a break from the bad northeast winter weather have plenty of ways to get away thanks to sales from JetBlue and Delta. Flyers can find deals in business class going to or from the Central American nation for around $400 per person one-way.

FlyerTalkers with sharp eyes and quick booking skills have once again found great ways to get to Central America this winter at a great price. Discovered on the forums by FlyerTalker dval44, both JetBlue and Delta Air Lines are offering premium cabin fares for around $400 one-way per person.

The JetBlue deal

The original premium fare deal posted by dval44 departed from Liberia International Airport (LIB) in Costa Rica aboard JetBlue. The one-way flight takes off on Saturday, Dec. 21, 2019 in their premium cabin, Mint. Subsequent searches on Google Flights show that is the only day the fare is available.

JetBlue’s Mint cabin is one of the best premium products across U.S.-based carriers. The luxury cabin features meals designed by New York chefs, lie flat seats, and premium alcoholic beverages from takeoff to landing. These lie-flat seats are out of the ordinary in that you can adjust the firmness of the cushions, and even activate a massage feature!

The Delta deal

Not to be outdone, Delta is also offering premium cabin deals from Boston to Costa Rica throughout January, February and March 2020. The flights each include one stop, usually at one of Delta’s hubs in Atlanta or Minneapolis. Searching in Google Flights shows the price for a one-way ticket at around $372, with plenty of dates available.

The premium cabin deals are all aboard Delta’s narrow-body fleet, meaning the seats at the front of the aircraft are not Delta’s flagship international product, Delta One. Instead, they are Delta’s standard domestic first class, upright seats.

Are they a good deal?

Both deals offer good discounts in their own rights. Although the Delta cabin is subpar compared to JetBlue’s Mint product, the Delta deal has plenty of dates available. If you are trying to earn SkyMile Medallion status in 2020, this could be an easy way to start collecting Medallion-qualifying miles and dollars for the next renewal status.

As for the JetBlue deal, it appears this deal is only available for one day in December. If the date works for you, then it’s a perfect combination of good timing and convenience. A prudent premium cabin traveler would start setting alerts now, just in case that deal goes live for other dates in the future.

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