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CIA Report Lists Triggers for Secondary Screening


A document released by Wikileaks reveals what officials look for when selecting travelers for secondary screening.

Want to avoid secondary screening at the airport? A CIA document released by Wikileaks outlines how you can do just that.

The report — titled “An Identity Threat Assessment of Secondary Screening Procedures at International Airports” — was prepared in September 2011 and is primarily directed for people traveling between different countries, according to Wikileaks. If you want to reduce the chance you might be selected for a second screening, the report outlines specific triggers to avoid when traveling.

When it comes to your travel planning, try to avoid an “unusual itinerary” or making last-minute travel plans. Purchasing travel within 24 hours also raises a flag.

Become familiar with your passport, including knowing where to easily find your biographical page or previous travel pages. Where you’ve traveled can also raise a flag; for example, if you’ve been to a terrorism-sponsoring country recently. It also helps to speak the language of the country where your passport was issued.

Running late and growing impatient with security lines? The resulting behaviors, such as unusual nervousness by you or an accompanying passenger, could also raise a flag, so try to give yourself plenty of time so you can stay relaxed. This will also help you avoid appearing confused or irritated when asked questions by customs or security agents. Don’t withhold any information.

Finally, when it comes to baggage, the report cites baggage content that is inconsistent with the purpose of the trip, the passenger’s appearance or profession, and even ticket class can all trigger customs and security officials. If the amount of baggage is unusual for the itinerary listed, that could be a trigger as well.

Avoiding these circumstances won’t guarantee that you’ll breeze through checkpoints without garnering a second look from security officials, but it can help get you to your final destination with a lot less hassle.

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geirfugl January 3, 2015

This basically sounds like sound advice,-a bit like telling people to say no to the classic US question about whether or not your are convicted nazi child molester,but have been fortunate enough to avoid persecution !!

Pup7 January 2, 2015

Gypsyjaney, I'm hoping that's sarcasm, because I can assure you "they" scoped these out long, long ago.

gypsyjaney January 1, 2015

Yet more irresponsible journalism. Should we really be spreading these hints and tips around for the wrong people to see?

diburning December 31, 2014

So, in other words, if you look suspicious, you'll be taken for secondary screening. Isn't that how it's supposed to work?