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Chinese Tourists Arrested After Attacking & Hospitalizing Seven Airline Employees

Six tourists arrested after skirmish at Hong Kong International Airport sends airline staff to hospitals.

Six Chinese tourists bound for Beijing were transported to jail instead after starting a fight with ground crews at Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) over a delayed flight. The South China Morning Post reports the group of tourists attacked seven airline employees after their flight was delayed for six hours.

The tourists were scheduled to depart on Hong Kong Airlines Flight 305 from HKG to Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) at 8:10 p.m. local time, but were delayed by air traffic controllers. The airline later confirmed to the SCMP that the flight was delayed “due to adverse weather and air traffic control in Beijing.”

hong kong airlines flyers riot at airport (photo: scmp)

By 2:30 a.m. six frustrated flyers decided to take matters into their own hands. According to local authorities, one of the flyers made a rush towards the gate when she was stopped by the employees. The woman was then joined by five other flyers, all who began attacking the seven ground crew members. Police were called and the group was arrested while the seven staff members were transported to a local hospital with minor injuries.

Five of the flyers taken into custody were charged with common assault for their part in the attack. The sixth flyer was charged with breaking the bylaws of the Airport Authority. The entire group was scheduled to go before a judge and answer to their charges.

In April, the Chinese National Tourism Administration warned travelers if they began trouble while on vacation, their charges could travel with them back home.

[Photos: SCMP]

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TravelTW August 4, 2015

Maybe I was lucky but I never had a delay from PVG,HKG, and PEK. But I do agree what are these idiots going to do even if they got pass the gate. Bunch of hot head idiots who need a good thrashing from the police and next time they won't be so dumb.

168 August 4, 2015

My KA flight (HKG-HGH) was only 2 hours delay 2 weeks ago due to Air traffic control that caused in-bound aircraft 2 hours late getting into HK. Then the last minute of crew change due to their flying timeout so they left to take a shorter HKG-KHH flight while we wait for new pilots. Same thing, T minus 40 minutes from the delayed departure time, 30 people surrounded the counter and demanding explanations....etc. I went back to the lounge and when I returned 20 minutes later, they were still at it yelling at the gate agents while they just stood there and listen. I told the mob what I learned from the previous crew and confirmed the new crew is now in the plane redoing their chart before we can board. There was one lady that I can't get through, so I asked her to write her congress men/women to reduce Shanghai airspace control when she gets home. I am not defending flyers for their actions, but I noticed there is very little communication from the gate agents for our delays. I have come to a conclusion that there is no "gate announcement loud speaker system" to explain the situation and I also sense gate agents were tired of explaining.

OskiBear August 3, 2015

Not sure what they think they can gain by doing this? So they rush the gate. Let's pretend they actually make it onto the plane. Then what happens? It doesn't leave until the pilot decides to leave. What a bunch of idiots.

johnny5a August 3, 2015

My cousin is a first officer for KA. He says PVG is the worse airport for delays.

Bluehen1 August 3, 2015

Living here in Shanghai, I can say that I've nearly seen this happen a number of times. Late night flights seem perpetually delayed and the reason given is always air traffic control. Since the military owns much of the air space here, the capacity for passenger planes diminishes greatly. I have had only one flight from Shanghai go off on time and that was a first flight of the day kind of thing. International flights get delayed less, but they still get delayed. I've had two five hour and one four hour domestic delays so far.