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Chaos, Delay After Passenger Screams “We’re All Going to Burn and Die”

Authorities investigated possible terrorist activity after an unidentified man’s bizarre and violent outburst moments before takeoff.

An easyJet flight from Manchester Airport (MAN) to Pisa International Airport (PSA) became a scene of tears and raw nerves after a disruptive passenger tapped into every flyer’s worst fear Wednesday morning. Police say an unidentified passenger began shouting dire threats and dire warnings before the plane was airborne.

A Facebook post reprinted by The Daily Mail offered a firsthand account of the tense moments aboard the plane. “Boarded the plane and a passenger started shouting and banging about how we’re all going to burn and die and we should run whilst we still can,” the eyewitness on the flight recounted on social media. “A young girl traveling alone started hysterically crying. The police were called, we turned back and we’re now having a full plane search in case of terrorist activity.”

The flight was delayed for nearly three hours while authorities inspected the aircraft and questioned the disturbed passenger who disrupted the flight. Greater Manchester Police told the newspaper that the incident is no longer being treated as terror related.

“Shortly before 8:25 a.m. on Wednesday, December 9, 2015, police were called after a plane that had been taxiing the runway at Manchester Airport was turned around after a distressing outburst from one of the passengers,” police said in a statement to reporters. “He remains in custody for questioning. As is standard practice, the aircraft was inspected upon landing and there were no further concerns.”

An easyJet spokesperson confirmed the disruption onboard flight EZY1847. The airline said that the flight was delayed while authorities investigated as a precaution, but the flight was able to safely continue on to PSA after a two-and-a-half-hour delay.

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