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Celebrity And “1st Class FULL Paying Platinum Member” Fumes After Emirates Loses His Luggage

On a flight from Dubai to Australia, Emirates Airlines severely disappointed English ex-cricketer and television personality Kevin Pietersen who took to Twitter to complain about the flight:


He was also disappointed by Emirates on his earlier flight from London to Dubai not just because it was delayed but because there was no live TV on the flight, preventing him from keeping up with the game.


Emirates did, however, give him a charge card to shop for more clothing due to the baggage delay although, Tweeted Pietersen, that service was a little under par as well.



[Image: Flickr]

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Surfwriter January 19, 2018

What a bunch of sour, nasty comments. Do I detect a case of the green eyed envy monster?

Dianne47 January 18, 2018

Entitled, much? What a spoiled brat. Any frequent flyer knows to carry at least one change of clothing, etc. in carry-on. And mad due to no onboard live TV, that takes the cake.

January 2, 2018

doubt he's paying, he's flying down there for work, the TV network is probably picking up the cost of the flight.

Jules0760 January 2, 2018

Haha.Who does he think he is kidding.There is no way he paid a full first class fare especially as you can buy heavily discounted Emirates fares easily.It may have had the full fare on the ticket but it was not. Moans about everything and always has...Kevin ex South African who played for England because SA would not have him...Pietersen.Get a life

SandmanDFW January 1, 2018

Get over yourself!