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Celeb Artist Claims Assault on United Flight

Celebrity body-piercing artist Stephanie Anders is claiming she was sexually assaulted by her seatmate on a recent United Airlines flight.

Anders says she awoke on the flight to her offender, actor Cody Deal, who she says has appeared in such films as The Hangover and Almighty Thor, touching her butt. When Anders alerted the flight attendant, the man reportedly became aggressive and said the contact was consensual. Anders made a citizen’s arrest and Deal was later apprehended and booked by police.

Deal says Anders falsified the entire story because he became disgruntled when she coughed on him.

To the man who sexually assaulted me on my flight home on May 31, 2017, Let me start off by saying hello, I'm Stephanie. I understand completely that I am nothing more than an object to you but that is something I will not accept so I'm here to explain to you exactly who I am. I am 26 years old and am married to an incredible man and a mother to two beautiful 4 legged creatures ( a dog and a cat). I am an incredibly strong, hard working, and independent woman. I started my corporation and two businesses at the age of 24 after only 4 years of living in Los Angeles. I moved here at the age of 20 after growing up in small towns in southern Iowa. I was a cheerleader, a ballerina, a volleyball player, a musician and a state champion (and record holder) and nationally ranked collegiate track athlete. I do not drink nor use drugs. I grew up on a farm and from an early age my parents instilled in me a set of morals that have shaped precisely the woman I am today. I am also a person who is never afraid to stand up or fight for what they believe in. No matter how big or small that may be. I am unapologetically me. There is no shaking that. Now that you know the surface of who I am, I can't stop wondering who it was that you saw sitting there when you boarded my flight and sat next to me. I'm fairly small in stature, ( about 5' 7 1/2" and 125 lbs give or take) so maybe you assumed I was weak. I have a terrible fear of flying so I keep to myself and don't associate much with anyone around me so maybe you felt as though I was isolated. We can't forget that I am a very heavily tattooed individual so maybe you felt like I may be a bit of a "freak" and would be dtf or maybe that I would be under the influence of something. Shit, maybe you even felt that by my appearance, my character would be flawed. But whoever it was that you saw, you made up your mind that while I was asleep you could take my body and my soul and do with it as you pleased. You were strategic with your body placement and with being how much bigger you are than myself sat in a way that even the passenger on the other side of you was never able to see me.

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